Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Is Your Foundation Endangering Your Roof? What Homeowners Should Know

The average homeowner spends a lot of time and money dealing with roof repairs and the periodic need for a complete replacement. Most automatically assume that roof condition issues can be attributed to aging, material quality, or the weather, but this is not always true. 

Many may not realize that some types of roof damage are actually caused by problems developing at the lowest point of the home — the foundation or slab. If you are a homeowner who would like to know more about foundation problems and how they impact the roof, this information can help. 

Roots and erosion

When trees are allowed to grow in close proximity to the home, the roots can push against the foundation of the home and cause it to crack or buckle. If not corrected quickly, the foundation of the home can be weakened, causing the roof of the home to sag or move. 

In addition to root damage, water from rainfall, or flooding can also weaken the foundation of the home and create an opportunity for the home's roof to develop sagging or weakened areas. Uncorrected erosion can eventually cause foundation walls to begin caving in, leaving the roof in danger of collapsing. 

Soil issues

Homes that are built on areas where soil issues are a problem are often more prone to serious foundation issues. Some of the most common soil issues capable of causing foundation damage involve expansive soils that are known for their ability to expand and shrink so excessively that structures built on them can shift and move.

This type of soil movement damages the foundation, which in turn removes support from the roof and allows for sagging to occur as rafters and supports are pulled out of position, cracked, or broken. 

Another soil issue that can create foundation problems severe enough to damage a home's roof is when the site is not properly compacted before building begins. While some level of movement is expected and accounted for in the design process, poorly compacted soils can subject the structure to more severe levels of movement and create both primary foundation damage followed by secondary roof damage. 

Material failures

Foundation problems that result in roof damage can also be caused by material failures, such as those related to concrete that is either poor quality or too old to retain its structural strength. Homeowners who need foundation repair or have concerns about the condition of their home's foundation and the effect it may have on their roof can discuss their concerns with a reputable contractor to help them decide how to address the issue.