Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Looking To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Flat Roof? Helpful Information For Commercial Building Owners

If you own a commercial building, you already know that roofing repair and replacement costs can take up a substantial portion of the maintenance budget for the entire building. Flat roofs, such as those commonly used on commercial and industrial buildings, can be particularly susceptible to problems like snow load, ponding, and surface deterioration.

Property owners who are planning to install a new flat roof on a large commercial building may be able to use these tips to help them make changes that will help extend the usable lifespan and durability. 

Deal with routine foot traffic issues

A major source of wear for a commercial flat roof occurs due to foot traffic from maintenance people working on the roof. The design of many commercial buildings call for heating, cooling, and ventilation components to be installed on the roof to save interior space inside the building. 

Unfortunately, the ongoing maintenance needs for HVAC components, antennas, vents, and other infrastructure commonly found on roof tops is likely to result in excessive amounts of foot traffic by maintenance workers and service people. Heavy amounts of foot traffic can quickly create wear patterns and damage to the roofing surface and result in the formation of leaks. 

Commercial building owners can help to reduce this type of wear by adding dedicated walkways to their roof design so that all traffic is limited to areas with special reinforcements. 

Consider climate and efficiency when choosing roofing materials 

Stress from weather and climatic conditions can be very damaging to the surface and structure of a commercial roof. Instead of automatically using the same type of roofing for a new roof, building owners should consider looking at newer options, like thermoplastic polyolefin single ply membrane (TPO) roofing or spray foam roofing (SPF). In addition to increased durability and ease of installation, some of these newer roofing solutions offer significant improvements in energy efficiency. 

Consider warranty options

The cost of replacing a commercial roof can be substantial, especially if the building is a large one. Commercial building owners can help to protect their investment and prolong the lifespan of their building's roof by seeking out a commercial roofing contractor who offers a warranty on both material defects and workmanship. 

Reputable commercial roofing companies may also provide periodic roof inspections so that developing wear or damage is caught early. This type of regular inspection process can help property owners protect the interior of their buildings from water damage.