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3 Tips For Preventing Ice Dams This Winter

In many areas, winter brings the accumulation of snow and ice. While snow and ice can be beautiful, these conditions can often create the formation of ice dams on residential and commercial properties. Ice dams can be an issue for two main reasons. For one, they can create roof leaks, resulting in water damage. For two, they can present a falling danger, which can result in both property damage and personal injuries. As winter approaches, it is imperative that you are aware of what steps you can take to protect your home and roof. So, with that being said, here are three tips for preventing the formation of ice dams on your home.

Add Insulation

If your roof is poorly insulated, you will lose excess heat. This will result in the snow melting and then the formation of ice. You should have a roofing contractor examine your property and check the thickness and coverage of your current insulation. Most roofers will encourage insulation in the attic to be between 12 and 14 inches to ensure that your heat is adequately retained.

Add Vents

Due to the fact that escaping heat is the primary enemy when it comes to combating ice dams, you should consider adding soffits and roof vents. Ventilation in the attic allows cold outside air inside while also expelling the warm air in the area, which makes it far less likely that the buildup of ice could accumulate.

Seal Gaps

Gaps and cracks between the attic and the main area of the home can allow warm air of the house into the attic. Have a professional contractor ensure that there aren't any gaps in the drywall or around your plumbing, light fixtures, or chimney. It is imperative that you work with a specialist since they could need to pull up existing insulation into the roof in order to check for the gaps.

To protect yourself and your home, it is imperative that you follow the above steps, as they will help to prevent ice dams. Adequate roof upkeep and maintenance is crucial in preventing ice dams. Whether you have had ice dams in the past and want to avoid dealing with them again or you simply want to ensure that you never have them, get in touch with a local roofing company who can help you protect your roof against ice dams while also ensuring that your roof is in tip-top condition year-round. Contact a company like Columbia Roofing Inc for more information.