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4 Tips for Getting Your Roof Ready for the Winter

One of the most intense times of the year could be the winter months. The frigid temperatures and the chance of snow or ice in your area may have you wanting to get your home prepared. It's a great idea to start working on getting your roof ready for this time of the year. There are specific tips you can put to work that will enable your property to get through winter with ease.

1. Cut back branches

Are there a lot of trees near your home? If so, you'll want to take a close look at these to see if there are limbs or branches touching the roof of your property. This could be extremely dangerous if a winter storm were to hit. For instance, a branch could fall on your home and leave a puncture in your roof. This could be very costly to fix and trimming these down ahead of time is vital.

2. Inspect the flashing

The part of your roof that may be more susceptible to leaks is around the flashing. It's essential to make sure this area is sealed to avoid the potential for water damage. If you aren't handy, it may be in your best interest to call on a roofing professional to do this job for you.

3.Schedule an inspection

One of the top things you can do to ensure your roof makes it through a long and cold winter is to have a roofing professional do a complete inspection. This can ease your mind and allow you to feel much more confident in getting through the winter months. Many roofing companies may provide you with a significant discount when you sign up annually to have this task completed.

4. Clean out the gutters

Ensuring your gutters are clean before the winter weather hits are vital. This won't take long to do but can make a significant difference in keeping your roof in the best shape during the winter. Having gutters that are full of leaves and debris can prevent water from flowing freely through these and this can lead to water damage.

The key to having a property that remains in the best condition throughout the entire year will rest in doing the right things to it. Caring for your roof is vital if you want it to last as long as possible. Work with a roofing contractor in your area like Troyer  Roofing & Construction for additional assistance.