Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Asphalt Shingle Problems And The Structural Integrity Of Your Roof

Asphalt shingles break down over time until they are no longer able to protect your home from the elements. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material, as it is an affordable material that will last about twenty years. Shingles start to fade, but this doesn't mean they aren't effective anymore. You might notice a leak in your home, but this can be due to damage to an area of your roof and not due to the age of your asphalt shingles. If you begin to have systemic problems with your roof and you have leaks throughout the roof, this is when your roofing contractor will recommend that you have a new roof installed on your home.

Poor Roof Installation

It's possible that you have a new roof on your home, but it starts to leak. Poor installation can lead to problems with your roof, no matter how old it is. If you have problems with a newly installed roof, you may need to contact a different roofing contractor to provide you with the repair you need to get the job done right. A bad roof installation can lead to significant leaks in your home and cause damage to the underlying property.

Damage Done By Storms

Tree limbs can fall onto your roof, causing damage to your roofing shingles. If your asphalt shingles get torn from a storm, they will need to be replaced before they cause a leak. You might have problems with your flashing that needs to be repaired before you have further damage to your home.

Curling Shingles and Your Roof

Asphalt shingles start to crack and pull apart as they get old and worn out. Your shingles may start to curl, a sure sign that they need to be replaced. You might discover a few shingles that are curled up in one area, or you might see slight curling or bumps throughout your roof. Curling shingles eventually stop protecting your home, and a new roof is necessary.

If you find loose shingles that have fallen to the ground, this can be caused by damage or because your shingles need to be replaced. If you only have one layer of shingles on your roof, a second layer of asphalt shingles can be placed on top of the first to save on labor costs. Contact your roofing repair specialist when you notice leaks in your home or you see problems with your asphalt shingles starting to appear. Visit websites like http://www.allamericanroofing.com for more information.