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4 Installation Tips To Prevent Leaks And Damage When Installing Shake Or Slate Roofing Tiles

If you want to have a more traditional roofing material installed on your home, you have a couple of choices of materials. One of the options is slate tile, and the other is wood shakes or shingle tiles. The installation process for both materials is similar and so are the tricks to prevent leaks that can cause damage to your home. The following tricks and tips for installing slate and shake tiles will help prevent problems with leaks and water damage after you have a new roof installed.

1. Starting the First Run of Batten to Ensure Your Roof Tiles Have a Good Slope

The most important step in preparing to install shake and slate roof tiles is the first battens. The first battens should be even with the edge of the eaves and doubles to help raise the bottom of the first tiles. What this does is raise the tiles to give each row a slight slope, which makes for a cleaner installation and helps ensure water does not get beneath the tiles.

2. Reinforcing Areas That Are Prone to Leaks with Impermeable Materials to Protect Your Home

There are many areas of your roof structure that can be vulnerable to leaks if you have different slopes with ridges, valleys, and hips. The best way to prevent leaks is to reinforce all these areas with impermeable materials like rubber flashing. For the main runs of tiles, you can use felt paper for each row beneath the tiles to help protect against problems with leaks.

3. Making Ridge Peaks Improved to Ensure Water Does Not Get in beneath the Roofing Tiles

Ridge peaks and hips are areas of roof structures that are vulnerable to leaks when installing roof tiles. To prevent problems in these areas, run the first ridge-caps, and then, on the other side run another row of ridge tiles to cover the gap where they meet and stop water from getting in at these peaks.

4. Doubling Roof Tiles to Ensure They Do Not Leak at the Eaves or in Other Vulnerable Areas

Another trick that can be done with slate and shake roof tiles to prevent leaks is to double them at the eaves. This is something that will help ensure the joints are covered and there are not any leaks where the first run of roof tiles are installed. In addition, the double row of tiles will also raise the second row to give the tiles more of a slope, which makes the roof tiles sturdier and easier to install.

These are some tips and tricks that will help prevent leaks with slate and shake roofing tiles. If you are ready to have a new tile roof installed, contact a slate roofing contractor and talk to them about improvements for installation to help ensure your roof lasts longer and never leaks.

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