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3 Siding Selection Considerations Homeowners Can Use To Make The Best Choice

Residential home siding choices have never been better or more varied. In fact, there are so many different types and styles of siding available that the average homeowner may find it difficult to determine which one will be best for their particular home and situation. If you are in the process of selecting siding for a newly constructed home or it is time to replace the siding on your current home, here are three considerations that can help to steer you to the right choice. 

Consider specifics to your location

One of the first things to consider is where your home is located and any particular challenges you face because of this locale, such as wildfires, extreme heat or cold, or exposure to the sea or other forms of moisture. 

Homes that are prone to wildfires may find that opting for fire-resistant siding options, such as fiber cement siding or brick and stone veneers can offer them a higher sense of safety and security. In addition, some home insurance companies offer premium discounts or other benefits for homeowners who upgrade to fire-resistant siding and roofing materials. 

Consider time and budget limitations

Homeowners who are working within tight time or budgetary limitations may want to move vinyl siding to the top of their list. With one of the lowest initial purchase and installation costs of all siding types, the vinyl siding manufacturing process has undergone many improvements, including making this type of siding more durable and less likely to sag or warp. 

Vinyl siding is also now offered in many more styles than it once was, including those that closely resemble wood siding or shingles. It also lends itself well to situations where the walls may have some textural or cosmetic challenges, such as seams or patches from removing a window or making structural changes. 

Consider future needs and goals

Another factor for homeowners to consider when making upgrades to their current home's siding or when selecting siding for a new home involves their future plans and needs. Homeowners who are older or those that lead hectic lives may benefit in choosing a siding that will require little upkeep or maintenance over the years. Vinyl siding fits well with homeowners who want to avoid painting and staining chores. 

Homeowners who are looking for lower ongoing heating and cooling bills may want to consider options such as a synthetic stucco, which eliminates thermal bridging issues, or some type of siding that offers an insulation layer. 

To learn more about siding and get help in making a decision, contact a roofing and siding contractor in your area.