Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Spray Foam Roofing: A Cost-Effective Alternative For Your Home

As a homeowner, you know that you need to budget for home maintenance, but some expenses can break that budget. Roof replacement is a necessary cost where you don't want to skimp. Fortunately, there are ways to save on a roof replacement. One method is to opt for spray foam roofing. The following guide can help you better understand this cost-effective option.

What types of roofs are suitable for spray foam?

Spray foam is suitable for roofs of many different shapes, from those that are flat to those with a pitch. The foam conforms to any shape, so even a residential roof with multiple hips is not a major concern for most spray foam applications. The spray foam can be used over many different substrates, including asphalt and metal shingles, concrete, and wood. If your roof is oddly shaped or has a lot of vents and other rooftop oddities, then spray foam may be the perfect choice.

Is preparation necessary?

The good news is that your old roof becomes the base for your new spray foam roof, so preparation is minimal. The old roof is cleaned, then the first preparatory layer of polyresin spray foam is applied. Once this cures, the second layer of silicone foam, which protects against UV damage, is applied and your roof is done. In many cases, a spray foam roof can be installed more quickly than the teardown and preparation necessary for other types of roofs.

Are there issues to watch for?

The main issue to watch for is bubbling. As long as your roof is installed during dry weather and the roof has no moisture on it during application, then bubbling should not be an issue. Fortunately, spray foam roofs are typically warrantied. Perform weekly inspections for the first couple of months after installation. If you notice any bubbling, contact your contractor so they can fix the issue while the damage is minimal and the roof is still under warranty.

How long does the roof last?

When installed properly, a spray foam roof can last or even outlast most other roofing options. To increase the longevity, clean the roof periodically to remove debris and avoid walking on the roof. Bird waste can be the biggest issue since the acidic droppings can eat into the foam. Use bird mitigation tactics, such as scare devices or spikes on roosting sites like chimney caps, if this is an issue.

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