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Renovating The Bathroom: Five Ideas

When people first think about renovating various areas in their house, the bathroom isn't always on the top of the list even though people in the family use that room often. However, renovating a bathroom can give you a more serene and comfortable experience in that space. What kinds of home improvement changes could transform a bathroom in your house?

Painting the Room

Sometimes the easiest option is to simply freshen up the way the walls look. This is simply accomplished with the help of new paint colors. If your walls have been white for some time, for instance, changing them into a bold color could be just the thing you need to freshen up the room. If bold colors seem like too much, you can also opt for simple browns, beige's, or grays. A simple change like new paint can make your entire bathroom look completely different.

Using Glass Showers

If you're only used to shower curtains, it may finally be the right time to explore a glass enclosure instead. In fact, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, you might benefit greatly from ditching the flimsy shower curtains in favor of a sleek new glass enclosure. Glass can be simpler to clean and can also make the entire room seem as if it has grown some because the eye will be able to travel all the way across the room because of the glass.

Changing Cabinet Pulls and Fixtures

Home improvement is easy, even when you make little changes. You don't have to do huge projects in the bathroom to make the place look different. Even something as small as changing out the cabinet pulls and knobs can give your bathroom a renovated appearance. Changing the sink faucets and other fixtures can also make the bathroom look more modern and updated.

Try Warming Racks and Heated Floors

If your budget allows, heated towel racks are a good home improvement option. You can also look into radiant floor heating, which makes the floor much warmer.

Adding Plants

Another simple idea is to just bring some greenery into the room. Whether you put in a small flower pot or add a plant with long, climbing leaves, the addition of real plant life into a space is not only good for the air, but good for aesthetic reasons as well.

Check out residential home improvement companies for more help with bathroom renovations and other jobs you'd like to try in your home.