Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

2 Changes In Your Shingled Roof's Appearance That Signal Repairs Are Needed ASAP

While looking at your home, you may have noticed that your roof looks a little off. Although you cannot put your finger on what the problem is, you may feel that there are definite changes in the appearance of the shingles. If so, look more closely at the roof to see if you find the following changes in the way your roof appears that may indicate the need for repairs as soon as possible. 

1.  Any Curling Is Noted along the Edges of the Shingles

One thing that you may notice while examining your shingled roof for changes in its appearance is that the edges of some of the shingles look higher or lower than the rest. While either standing on a ladder or looking through a pair of binoculars on the ground, you may see that the edges have started to curl either upward or downward.

If you see any curling of the shingles' edges, this usually means that the asphalt material from which they are constructed has lost its moisture and pliability. As the moisture is pulled from the shingles, they start to curl.

The problem with this curling is that it leaves gaps between the shingles, which allows water to flow underneath them. Even if you only notice a couple of shingles with this characteristic, there is a risk of water leaking into your house, so it should be addressed by a roofer as soon as possible.

2.  Areas of Shingles Are Darker than the Rest of the Roof

While inspecting your roof for changes in appearance, take note of any stark color variations of the shingles. If you have areas that seem darker than the rest of the roof, the shingles in this area may be staying wet while the ones around them dry out in the sun.

If you have shingles that are remaining wet, there may already be a superficial leak in your roof either below the affected shingles or above them that is allowing water to flow underneath of them. If you do not have the problem fixed, the existing water leak will make its way into your home, and the constantly moist shingles will deteriorate faster than the rest of your roof.

If you notice either or both of the changes in your roof's appearance, the structure is most likely not able to do its job of keeping water out of your house, warranting immediate professional attention before a leak forms. Contact a roof repair service to have them inspect the shingles for possible damage as well as discuss your options for fixing any problem areas that they find.