Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Potential Problems With Blue Roofs

Blue roofing is a technology where roofs are fitted with systems that can harvest and store rainwater. Blue roofing is not exactly a new technology, but it is gaining momentum in some places. The technology can help prevent soil erosion and collect water for various uses, such as lawn watering. However, it does come with some potential problems, some of which are discussed below.

Debris Accumulation      

Too much debris is bad for your roof. Debris attracts both pest and moisture, which can both damage the roof. Unfortunately, roof installations such as those that come with blue roof retrofitting can trap debris on the roof. Tree leaves, dust, and windblown debris can all get trapped by such structures.

High Risk of Leaks

Installing a blue roof also increases the risk of water damage and leaks on your roof. Sure, the blue roofs are professionally installed and won't necessarily leak. However, the risk of leakage cannot be the same for a blue roof and a conventional roof. When something goes wrong, say, due to blocked drainage systems and damaged storage points, the water can end up damaging the roofing surface.

Aesthetic Concerns

Installing a blue roof may also interfere with your curb appeal.  In fact, other unconventional roofs (such as green roofs) tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than blue roofs. This may be particularly a concern for residential properties or for those who mind the resale values of their homes.

Pest Issues

There are two main reasons blue roofs may increase the risk of pests on the roof. For one, many pests are attracted to water, so water accumulation or leaks on the roofs can attract them. Secondly, debris accumulated on the roof can also attract pests that might choose to live or feed on the debris.

Low Slope Requirement

Blue roofs require relatively flat roofs for maximum efficiency. The volume of water you can effectively collect and store depends on the slope of the roof. This means you have to redesign your roof if it is not flat in its current state and you want to install a blue roof.

Warranty Issues

Lastly, you must also be aware of potential warranty issues before you install a blue roof. This is because roofing manufacturers are aware of the potential problems that blue roofs raise. Your roofing warranty won't cover any damage that can be traced back to the installation of the blue roof system.

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