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Tips On How To Care For Cedar Shake Roofing Material

Have you decided to ditch your old and damaged asphalt shingles and replace them with cedar shake roofing material? It can transform the look of your home by providing a beautiful appearance that helps your home stand out in your neighborhood. However, cedar shake roofing material requires a different kind of care than what you are used to with asphalt shingles. Here are a few tips for maintaining the new cedar shake roofing material so that it lasts for a very long time.

Clean The Surface Of Debris

One thing that is different about having a cedar shake roof is that the surface should be free of debris. Anything that falls onto a roof, such as branches or leaves, can cause moisture to accumulate underneath the debris. This leads to the cedar shake roofing material becoming discolored over time, and can even weaken the roofing material if it were to rot. You can clean off fallen debris with a roof rake with your feet safely on the ground, rather than using a ladder and a broom.

You should proactively take steps to prevent debris from falling on the roof's surface. If there are trees with branches that hang over the roof, have them trimmed so that the trees minimize the amount leaves that fall on the roof's surface.

Avoid Power Washing

If the wood shingles do become discolored, it's important that you do not clean them with a power washer. The cedar shake roofing material is softer than asphalt shingles, and can become damaged quite easily when you apply all that water pressure to the surface. Instead, you'll need to use a special cleaning solution that is designed for cedar shake roofing material. It can safely remove those black or green spots on your roof where mold or mildew has grown, and get your roof looking great once again.

Retain The Color

You can prevent cedar shake roofing material from fading over the years by using a special pigment. Since the material is made of real wood, the color of the wood shakes can fade over time. Applying a pigment is the same as staining your hardwood floors, and is as simple as having a roofing contractor apply the pigment to the surface. You can even change the color of cedar shake roofing material this way, making it a darker color than it once was with a different kind of pigment.

For more information, contact a roofing group, such as A-1 Roofing Inc.