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Choosing A Commercial Roofing Contractor: The Type Of Roof And Which Contractors Will Do It

Commercial roofing contractors are generally accustomed to constructing specific types of commercial roofs. Some specialize in a particular kind of roof as well. If you need a roof on your commercial building, do you know who to hire? Here is how to choose a contractor based on the types of roofs they are willing to construct.

The Flat Roof with Gravel, Concrete, or Asphalt

This is the most common commercial roof out there. Almost every contractor that constructs commercial roofs knows how to make these, which presents you with the unique challenge of sifting through dozens of commercial roofing contractors. Before you do, make sure you consult with a structural engineer to ensure that this type of roof will be well-supported from underneath when the selected contractor and their crew begin to work. 

The Sprayed Foam Roof

This is a specialty roof for commercial buildings. It involves a thin layer of rubber roofing over wood that is then sprayed with a polyurethane expandable foam. The foam hardens into a shell coating and creates a very smooth, waterproof roof that is both lightweight and has excellent insulation properties. Not all commercial roof contractors offer this, so you will have to find the ones that do offer it and get estimates from them. 

The Aluminum and Glass Roof

When commercial building owners want more light into the topmost floor of their buildings, they get an aluminum and glass roof. The aluminum frames the glass in geometric patterns. The glass focuses the sun's energy and makes the top floor very warm. The aluminum is strong and durable enough to hold all that glass in place but simultaneously lightweight enough to avoid roof collapses. Contractors that like to construct fancier roofs are the ones to call. 

The Architectural Roof

This type of roof rarely looks anything like what you would expect on top of a commercial building. As such, it is often sought after to decorate buildings with major importance. Architectural works of art will have an architectural roof. Contractors willing to build this type of roof are few and far between unless you live in a major city where architectural roofs are seen everywhere. These contractors also work very closely with the architects that have designed the buildings and their special roofs so that every piece of building material plied to the creation of these unique roofs is correct. 

For more information, contact a commercial roofing contractor.