Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

When To Get A New Roof

Making major repairs to a house can be pricey, which is why many homeowners hold off as long as possible when it comes to certain types of damage. Holding off on making repairs might allow a homeowner to keep his or her money longer, but the damage can become worse and lead to even higher repair costs. Take a roof for instance, it is usually very affordable to make minor repairs to a roof, such as when a few shingles need to be replaced. However, if a homeowner doesn't replace the shingles soon enough, it leads to areas of the roof deck being exposed to a variety of outside elements that can be detrimental to the overall condition of it. In the content below, you will learn about the types of problems that a roof might have when it is time to completely replace it.

You Have an Old Roof

If you know that you have a roof that is old and haven't had many repairs over the years, it is likely time for you to get it replaced. You can tell when a roof is old by the appearance of the shingles and wooden deck. Everything on the roof will look worn out and make the top of your house unappealing. However, even if you know that the roof is old, it is wise to get the opinion of a roofer before moving forward with getting a new one. He or she can explain in detail what is wrong, as well as why it is important for you to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Discolored Drywall in Your House

When a roof is in good shape, no rainwater should be able to seep through into the interior of a house. However, when the deck is rotten and soggy, rainwater can easily seep through and cause a substantial amount of damage to drywall. The first signs of water seeping through the roof is when drywall begins to change its color, such as becoming yellow. Eventually, the drywall will develop a darker color due to mold growth, which is a safety hazard. A soggy roof deck is a sign that you need a new one constructed in a timely manner.

There Are Holes in the Deck

Holes in a roof deck can be a major problem as they can allow various outside elements in your house such as hail, dirt, leaves, and rainwater. Unlike when a deck is only soggy, holes can also make it easy for animals to get into your house. If you have seen birds or squirrels in your house and your roof is old, they may have made it inside through the deck. Replacing the roof should be considered in such a case.

Speak to a roofer about roof replacement for more information.