Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Did A Storm Damage Your Roof? Here's What To Expect From Your Repair Contractor

Having your roof repaired after a storm is crucial to ensure that your home's safety is not compromised the next time a storm develops. Here is what you can expect from the storm damage roofing repair contractor you hire to fix the storm damage that's been done to your home's roof:

They'll Assess the Damage

Your roof repair contractor won't just come to your home and start repairing your roof so it doesn't leak anymore. They will take the time to thoroughly inspect every inch of your roof to make sure there isn't any hidden damage lurking around.

They will also identify whether any other damage is present that isn't a result of the storm that did the major damage to your roof. If a shingle or roofing panel is cracked or chipped due to wear, your contractor will repair the damage so your roof is in even better shape than it was before the storm happened.

They'll Consider Other Options

You can count on your repair contractor to consider other roofing options that could be used to better protect your home and to reduce the chance of having to deal with storm damage again in the future. They may recommend that you replace your old roof with a newer option that's stronger and more durable.

Or, they might suggest that you have the roof treated with a special waterproof coating that will enhance the protection it provides your home throughout the year. When all is said and done, you will know exactly what can be done to more effectively minimize the risk of your roof being damaged by a storm again in the future.

They'll Clean up all the Debris

You won't have to worry about having to clean up a bunch of materials and debris after your roof has been repaired when working with a professional roof repair contractor. Your service provider will have the equipment and manpower necessary to clean all the debris up as they work and to haul it all away when they are done. So you will be left with a clean home, roof, and yard as well as peace of mind in knowing that you'll be well protected next time a storm comes around.

They'll Work With Your Insurance Company

Your roof repair contractor will also work with your insurance company to get their services paid for. All you'll have to do is file the claims paperwork and pay your deductible, then your service provider will do the rest. If any problems arise, they'll work with you to correct them so your insurance company will cover the repair work that is done to your roof.