Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Walter Lowe

How to Protect Your Slate Roof This Winter

If you have a slate roof on your home, there are some things you need to do before winter weather settles in completely. Slate roofs are extremely durable; however, winter weather can still cause serious damage, especially if you're not prepared. To help your slate roof survive the winter, here are four steps you need to take.  Conduct a Thorough Inspection If yo

Is It Better to Work With a Solar Energy Installation Company?

Solar power offers huge promise to homeowners across the country. Almost everyone is looking for ways to reduce energy bills during all seasons of the year and solar power offers the greatest promise for the average consumer. However, the system can be somewhat complex to install, even for experienced DIYers. This is why it is almost always worth your while to work wi

Early Signs That Indicate That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced

Owning a home has a lot of benefits, but being a homeowner also means that you have to be prepared to take care of maintenance and major home improvement projects. One such project many homeowners will need to do at some point is replace their roof. A roof replacement can be expensive, so the timing of the project works better when there is time to budget for it. In o

Why You Should Have A Residential Roofing Inspection Done In Spring

If your roof hasn't been checked by a roofer for a few years, spring is a good time to have a roof inspection done. A residential roofing contractor can check your roof during any season of the year, but here are some benefits of having an inspection in the spring. Winter Damage Is Found Early Winter is one of the hardest seasons for your roof. Ice and snow can damage

Reinforcing Shingle Roofing To Prevent Weather Damage And Leaks

If you are going to install new asphalt shingles on your home soon, you want to plan improvements that prevent damage. Choosing the right underlayments and reinforcements will help protect your roof from potential damage. The following information will help you reinforce asphalt shingle roofing to prevent damage and leaks: Start by Reinforcing Flashing The flashing i