Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Water Damage, Roof Replacement, And You

Potential Problems With Blue Roofs

Blue roofing is a technology where roofs are fitted with systems that can harvest and store rainwater. Blue roofing is not exactly a new technology, but it is gaining momentum in some places. The technology can help prevent soil erosion and collect water for various uses, such as lawn watering. However, it does come with some potential problems, some of which are disc

3 Reasons Why You Could Find a Roofing Nail in Your Yard

If you were to notice a roofing nail somewhere in your yard, your first thought might be thankfulness that you didn't step on it. You might discard the nail in the trash without ever giving much thought to what caused it to be in your yard, but this would be a mistake. Roofing nails are supposed to be firmly attached to your roof — if you find one laying in your yard,

Roof Repair Or Replacement When Your Asphalt Shingles Are Starting To Fail

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material, and for good reason. They are durable, will last up to 20 years, and are one of the more affordable roofing options to choose from. However, you may notice a roof leak after a big storm or see that your shingles are starting to fade. You can even have a leak shortly after your roof is installed, a clear sig

What To Do When You Need Roof Repair On A Budget

It's hard to feel at peace when there is something wrong with the roof of your house. Cracks, holes, and tears in the roof can lead to untold amounts of damage, all of which can be very costly to repair. You know that you must act fast, but there is one thing holding you back: money. Your budget is stretched as tightly as it can possibly be, and you're scratching your

Renovating The Bathroom: Five Ideas

When people first think about renovating various areas in their house, the bathroom isn't always on the top of the list even though people in the family use that room often. However, renovating a bathroom can give you a more serene and comfortable experience in that space. What kinds of home improvement changes could transform a bathroom in your house? Painting the Ro